Friday, 6 November 2015

U.S. List for 1750 point tournament

Marc, my opponent in the first game of last weekend's tournament, has put together an AAR of his experience over at He has a number of great pictures and a nice report of our game together. I just hope I can beat him next time!

I've also put together a list for the 1750 point tournament next weekend. I realized that I (a) really didn't want to paint much more for my Americans right now and (b) needed 6 platoons.

Here is what I'm currently thinking for the U.S. side of the 2 list tournament:

I will need to buy an armoured artillery box, but I figure I can paint 4 vehicles and 2 bases of infantry in the next week or so.

I hope the artillery will allow me to put pressure on the units of Panthers that I dread with this force while allowing me a better chance to get a smoke bombardment up. The armoured mortars lose a tube, but they weren't bombarding anyone anyways. With so many MGs in the army, I doubt that a bombardment would be too necessary at AT2 FP6+.

I had to drop a single sherman to free up points. It was only a 75mm tank and it honestly didn't do much last game. It's started to make me think about the things I could do with 80 points by making the other platoon into a 3 tank platoon. A platoon of AA would probably be useful or even more recon, but more painting seems like a chore right now.

I would like to find a way to shave 5 points off the list and, together with dropping the mortar 50 cals, make my recon veteran.

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